The GE 23 ton boxcab now sports a new blue paint job and the 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG in red

Our New Old Locomotives Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

When our “new” old locomotives arrived at the Lake Shore Railway Museum recently, a 1939 General Electric 23 ton boxcab locomotive and the 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG, both were looking a little weather beaten and in need of some attention. Well, it didn’t take long before museum volunteers went to work and gave both […]

Plymouth Model JHG joins the GE boxcab locomotive that arrived only a few weeks earlier

Rare Plymouth Locomotive Added to Lake Shore Railway Museum Lineup

In less than one month, a second small locomotive arrives at Lake Shore Railway Museum. One of only 7 reportedly constructed, Plymouth Model JHG dating to the 1940′s, joins other rare locomotives. Since 2006, this small 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG locomotive sat at the edge of a field with a companion locomotive – declared […]

1939 General Electric 23 ton Boxcab diesel-electric locomotive

GE 23 Ton BoxCab Locomotive Arrives at Lake Shore Railway Museum

Our newest addition has just arrived in North East and is on location at the museum. It’s a 1939 General Electric 23 ton boxcab locomotive. It has, shall we say, a very functional look, but it will be restored this season and you will see it running on our tracks. The incredible variety of GE […]

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Map