The GE 23 ton boxcab now sports a new blue paint job and the 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG in red

Our New Old Locomotives Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

When our “new” old locomotives arrived at the Lake Shore Railway Museum recently, a 1939 General Electric 23 ton boxcab locomotive and the 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG, both were looking a little weather beaten and in need of some attention. Well, it didn’t take long before museum volunteers went to work and gave both […]

Plymouth Model JHG joins the GE boxcab locomotive that arrived only a few weeks earlier

Rare Plymouth Locomotive Added to Lake Shore Railway Museum Lineup

In less than one month, a second small locomotive arrives at Lake Shore Railway Museum. One of only 7 reportedly constructed, Plymouth Model JHG dating to the 1940′s, joins other rare locomotives. Since 2006, this small 18 ton Plymouth Model JHG locomotive sat at the edge of a field with a companion locomotive – declared […]

1939 General Electric 23 ton Boxcab diesel-electric locomotive

GE 23 Ton BoxCab Locomotive Arrives at Lake Shore Railway Museum

Our newest addition has just arrived in North East and is on location at the museum. It’s a 1939 General Electric 23 ton boxcab locomotive. It has, shall we say, a very functional look, but it will be restored this season and you will see it running on our tracks. The incredible variety of GE […]

Lots of changes all the time

We're always making changes at the Lake Shore Railway Museum website, so keep coming back.

We’re Moving Fast on the Lake Shore Railway Museum Website

If you’re here on our museum website for the first time, you’ll find plenty to see. If you’ve been here before, make sure you look around, we’re constantly changing and updating the content. The rolling stock page is a busy place, we’re putting more photos up as quickly as we can, updating the descriptions and, […]

It’s the place to be if you like trains

GE Dash 8 Joins the museum in 2013 and helps bring record number of visitors

Record Number of Visitors Come to Lake Shore Railway Museum in 2013

Over 11,000 people visited the Lake Shore Railway Museum in North East, Pennsylvania, during 2013. Efforts over the past few years to improve the museum’s holdings, to present better programming, and to advertise more effectively are reaping measurable benefits. Museum popularity keeps growing Beginning in 2010, and continuing through 2012, over 10,000 railfans came to […]

Sprucing Up the Railcars

Lake Wenatchee and Pend O’Reille River in their newly completed Great Northern colors

Railcar Repainting Project Complete in Great Northern Colors

The Lake Shore Railway Museum’s Great Northern cars, the dining car “Lake Wenatchee” and the sleeper “Pend O’Reille River,” have been completely repainted in their Great Northern Empire Builder color scheme. The new paint job makes you wonder what an entire train would look like, locomotives and all, it must have been quite a sight. […]

Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Map